P-Willy Loves ‘Em

About Us

All of our jerky is made from the leanest cuts of beef. We hand slice each and every piece and marinate in our special recipes. We then dehydrate the product at low temperatures for 6 to 7 hours. The product is carefully weighed and packaged by hand and ready to ship to you. We take pride in providing you with the freshest jerky possible.


The starter for all of our great jerky flavors...a nice blend of marinade and spices


Bursting with Jalapeno flavor without the heat


Habanero peppers give this jerky a real kick


This jerky has a slight sweet taste that compliments the savory jerky


Hot sauce gives this jerky a nice touch of heat


Marinated with beer that gives this jerky just a hint of beer flavor at the end

Honey Sriracha

Just a little sweet with a little heat

Mtn Do Honey

Just a little touch of sweet


For all the black pepper lovers


(all prices include shipping)

3 oz bags - $8.00 (Sales tax may apply)

1 lb bag - $38.00 (Sales tax may apply)